As a Repsol shareholder, you have the opportunity

The initiative MORE THAN WORDS Shareholders is designed to promote a better quality of life for vulnerable people, encourage social integration and meet the critical needs of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

We will contribute €10,000 for 3 social projects from among all the entrants. (2 Repsol shareholders and 1 Relapasaa shareholder)

  • Repsol shareholders could participate in this initiative presentig their projects through the available form clicking on “How to improve the world“. Once presented, the proposal will be automatically received in the mailboxes enable for it.
  • For Relapasaa shareholders, the Application form will be downloaded in the webpage: and will be sent correctly filled at the email:

The chosen initiatives will be those that best represent the values of solidarity and integration promoted by Fundación Repsol.

Call 2019 finalized. From october selected projects will be announced.