Terms and Conditions for Participation in the “2019 More Than Words” Initiative (“Terms and Conditions”)


1. Organiser 

As an expression of the Repsol Group's corporate social responsibility, specifically its commitment to the sustained improvement of the communities in which it develops its industrial and corporate activities, FUNDACIÓN REPSOL (hereinafter, “Organiser”), intends to carry out the “2019 More Than Words” initiative (hereinafter also, “MTW”). It will take place in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, and will be published on the following website: https://www.masquepalabras.com.es.

Participation in this initiative implies compliance and full agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

The initiative will be carried out in collaboration with FUNDACIÓN LEALTAD[i], as well as the heads of Repsol the departments involved, who will promote this initiative in a variety of ways.


2. Objective 

With the MTW initiative, we want to promote social dialogue with the following stakeholders: shareholders and distributors from Repsol Group companies (hereinafter, “Participants”). A unique platform was created for this purpose, serving as a channel for Participants to send us social Projects developed by other organisations that they are especially involved with pursuant to these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, “Projects”). 

The purpose of this document is to support and promote the Projects that best represent the values promoted by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL, such as solidarity, integration, and protection of vulnerable groups anywhere in the world, preferably those where Repsol is active. With the 2019 More Than Words” initiative, FUNDACIÓN REPSOL will support projects aimed at promoting the improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable groups, promoting social integration, and addressing the needs of marginalised groups, or those at risk of exclusion. 


3. Conditions and requirements for participation

3.1. Participants

The following groups are eligible to participate in the "2019 More Than Words" initiative:

  • MTW SHAREHOLDERS: Projects may be presented by the shareholders of Repsol and of La Pampilla Refinery SAA. (RELAPASAA).
  • MTW DISTRIBUTORS: Projects may be presented by Repsol distributors for the following businesses: Brand service stations. (Brand Network), RLESA (Lubricant Distributors), Direct Sales and International Aviation (Sales Distributors) and LPG (Agencies and Official Services).

Each MTW shareholder and distributor may present up to a maximum of five (5) Projects.

The Projects presented must have been developed by a non-profit organisation legally registered as an association or foundation that meets the following requirements:

  • Being duly constituted and listed on the appropriate register in Spain or equivalent bodies in other countries.

Having been in operation for at least one full business year, with available annual accounts. Foundations must have registered annual accounts and activities reports in the Foundations Registry. Associations classified as being of public interest must have registered annual accounts and activity reports on the corresponding registry and all other entities must have their annual accounts approved in the General Meeting.

Applications concerning Projects developed by corporate foundations and associations, by business schools and/or universities, private individuals, savings banks’ social Projects, or government bodies are expressly excluded from the programme. 

Organisations that, having been selected in previous editions, failed to submit the respective final report are excluded from the selection process.

The Participants will act as representatives of the Project presented, and as the link between FUNDACIÓN REPSOL and the beneficiaries. As a result, during the course of the initiative, you may have direct contact with FUNDACIÓN REPSOL through interviews, reports, videos, photos, etc., to promote the "2019 More Than Words" initiative and/or the Project presented. 

3.2. Characteristics of the applications:

The submission of applications must be made through the form included on the website https://www.masquepalabras.com.es


Under no circumstances will applications be accepted if submitted by any means other than the form on the aforementioned website.


Exceptionally, only RELAPASAA shareholders must download the application form from the following website: https://www.repsol.pe/es/la-pampilla/index.cshtml , fill it in correctly, and send it to the email address:   inversoresrelapasa@repsol.com

For a Project to be selected, the form must be entirely filled in. It may also be accompanied by an additional explanatory report, including complete and sufficient information for the assessment of the following aspects:

  • Identification of objectives.
  • Description of activities, phases, and the implementation schedule.
  • Identification of beneficiaries.
  • A detailed and itemised budget.
  • Sufficient information to enable evaluation of the Project’s technical, financial, and management feasibility.
  • Establishment of measurable evaluation indicators and criteria.
  • If the Project has received any type of pre-financing, it will be necessary to document the contributions to the Project made by other contributing organisations.

Applications may be submitted for Projects that are already under way, although the part of the Project for which financing is requested from the 2019 More Than Words initiative must be completed before 1 October 2020.

Applications may be submitted in one of the following languages: Spanish, English, or Portuguese. 

The documents accompanying the application must be presented in Word or PDF format. 

Only applications regarding specific and concrete Projects that meet the aforementioned criteria will be accepted. 

Applications that fail to meet the basic requirements set out above will not be accepted. 

In case of non-acceptance of an application, the documentation submitted will not be returned by the Organiser. 

The Organiser assumes no contractual obligation or commitment of any kind in regard to the applicants arising from their participation in this 2019 More Than Words initiative, the drafting and submittal of the application, the evaluation of the application, and/or the selection of finalists.

3.3. Costs

Participation in the MTW initiative is free of charge, and therefore there is no payment of fees or additional amounts required to obtain the prize awarded by it; with the exception of any expenses, charges and/or taxes applicable to the winners, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.


4. Submission period for participation in MTW

The submission period for participation in the MTW initiative will be as follows:

  • MTW SHAREHOLDERS: the submission period will open on 3 June at 9:00 am (GMT +2) and close on 31 July at 2:00 pm (GMT +2). For both Repsol and RELAPSAA shareholders.
  • MTW DISTRIBUTORS: the submission period will open on 3 June at 9:00 am (GMT +2) and close on 31 July at 2:00 pm (GMT +2). 

Applications submitted outside the above-mentioned submission periods will not be considered.

The Organiser reserves the right to extend these periods, and, where applicable, disclose this change in a timely manner through the communication channels established for the initiative; making this amendment as visible as these Terms and Conditions. 

5. Project evaluation process: 

5.1          The Project evaluation process will be carried out in the following stages: 

PHASE 1 Send and receive applications/clicks. This phase will be carried out within the time periods indicated in section 4 above of these Terms and Conditions. 

PHASE 2: Selection of winning projects. FUNDACIÓN LEALTAD will conduct a first evaluation of the applications received, taking into consideration (i) the valuation criteria included in section 6 of these Terms and Conditions, and (ii) the requirements for presentation of applications included in these Terms and Conditions, ensuring the quality and eligibility of those applications in both cases.

For the final selection of winning Projects, a multidisciplinary jury has been assembled for each category of Participants, composed of members of the Social Action and Volunteering Area of FUNDACIÓN REPSOL (“Jury”).

The Jury will determine the winning Projects by a simple majority, based on the evaluations received from FUNDACIÓN LEALTAD, which were the basis of the first round of selections. 

The Jury’s decision will be made public on the website https://www.masquepalabras.com.es, as well as any other channels the Organiser considers appropriate, with prior written notification sent to the email address provided in the application form.

PHASE 3: Award ceremony. The Organiser reserves the right to host a special event, during which the various prizes can be awarded. 

The "2019 More Than Words" initiative, or any of the categories set out in these Terms and Conditions, may be declared void if, at the Jury’s discretion, the submissions received fail to meet the necessary quality criteria to win the prize.

5.2          For each category of Participants:


The jury will select a total of three (3) Projects, according to the following distribution:


 Repsol Shareholders


 Relapasaa Shareholders



The jury will select total of four (4) Projects, distributed by business, as follows:

Distribution by business

 Brand Network




 Direct Sales & Civil Aviation





6. Project evaluation criteria

For the selection of the winning Projects, the juries will evaluate the applications based on the following criteria:

  • Social timeliness of the Project and suitability to the needs of the intended group of beneficiaries. 
  • Support for social development and impact on the beneficiary population. 
  • Technical and financial feasibility. 
  • Involvement and/or relationship of the Participant(s) presenting the proposal with the developers and their Project. 
  • Territorial scope, giving preference to initiatives developed in places where Repsol is present. 
  • Visibility: Ensuring that the initiative is a reference point for other organisations and/or society in general. 

Additionally, the juries will give favourable consideration to Projects from organisations:

  • Classified to be of public interest, in the case of organisations in Spain; or with a similar status in other countries where they have registered offices; 
  • That conduct external audits of accounts, where this isn’t a legal requirement; 
  • That have been certified with the NGO credential stamp from FUNDACIÓN LEALTAD for organisations in Spain, or certified with stamps for transparency and best practices in other countries where they have registered offices. 



7. Prize

The prize for each winning Project presented by shareholders, or distributors will consist of a financial contribution of ten thousand euros (€10 000) (hereinafter, "Prize"); transferred to the account of the beneficiary organisation responsible for developing the winning Project.

FUNDACIÓN REPSOL reserves the right to amend the distribution of Projects by business for one or more initiatives in case of MTW distributors; or select fewer Projects than those indicated if, according to the Jury, the quality of the Projects received so merits in the case of MTW employees and MTW shareholders. In both cases, the Jury will decide on the issue.

The winning organisations must earmark the amount received solely and exclusively for the implementation and development of the winning Projects. 

In accordance with current legislation on the prevention of money laundering, as set out in Law 10/2010 and the implementing regulation in force at any given time, FUNDACIÓN REPSOL, as a party obligated to comply with said regulation, will comply with its obligations to identify the winning organisations. 

In order to receive the Prize, the winning organisations must provide Fundación Repsol: with the following documentation: 

  • Certificate of registration in the corresponding register or equivalent document, certifying the legal and non-profit status of the winning organisation and, where appropriate, their registration in accordance with the regulations currently in force in their country. 
  • Annual accounts including at least the balance sheet and/or profit-and-loss account, and/or financial report for the most recent full business year. Foundations and associations classified as being of public interest must also provide the certificate of deposit of the accounts or, where applicable, the presentation of accounts in the respective register. Religious associations and organisations must provide the certificate of approval of annual accounts from the Governing Body. 
  • Completed and duly signed affidavit (according to the model provided by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL), certifying that the organisation is not involved in any legal proceedings or irregular activities, as well as confirmation of understanding and acceptance of the FUNDACIÓN REPSOL Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. 
  • Copy of the credentials of the persons with power of representation for the organisation.
  • Certificate of ownership of the bank account where the deposit will be made (name of the bank, IBAN, account number, and account holder). Said checking account must be in the name of the beneficiary and under no circumstances may it be held by a natural person or located in territories classified as tax havens or tax free territories, pursuant to the provisions of the list contained in Royal Decree 1080/1991, of 5 July and the amendments and criteria included both in Additional Provision 1 of Law 36/2006 and in the resolution of the Directorate Generate of Taxation of 23 December 2014.

The following documents may also be required by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL:

  • Activity report for the most recent full business year. 
  • Tax and social security contribution clearance certificate. 
  • Current list of members of their Governing Body. 
  • High-quality photos to illustrate the Project, and a rights assignment document for the persons who appear in the images provided. An assignment document will be required for each person who appears in the images; or by legal guardians of minors and/or persons with disabilities.
  • Proof of being up-to-date with all accounting obligations, as well as with all tax and social security contributions.

This documentation must be provided within a period of twenty (20) calendar days from the moment it is requested by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL. If the aforementioned documentation is not provided within that period, is incomplete, or shows that the organisation does not comply with the requirements established in these Terms and Conditions, FUNDACIÓN REPSOL reserves the right to withdraw the Prize from the organisation, and select a different winner from the finalists assessed by the Jury. 


8. Taxation of Prizes 

Any tax liabilities derived from the Projects selected will be the responsibility of each party, in accordance with applicable tax legislation.


9. Development of winning Projects 

FUNDACIÓN REPSOL may ask the organisations selected to provide information justifying the development of the Project.

Regarding the justification of the amounts awarded by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL, the winning organisations will submit to FUNDACIÓN REPSOL, upon completion of the Project, a final report with the financial schedule and activities developed as a result of the Prize awarded by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL. This must conform to the budget and activities described by the organisation in the Project presentation form. 

FUNDACIÓN REPSOL and FUNDACIÓN LEALTAD may request additional information from the organisations to confirm and document appropriate use of the resources contributed by the Prize to the winning Project. In the event that the documentation requested is not provided, FUNDACIÓN REPSOL reserves the right to request the reimbursement of the Prize.


10. Guarantees

By submitting applications for this initiative, the Participants guarantee that:

  1. The Projects presented are original to that organisation and/or that they have discretionary usage rights for any ideas, texts, images, or any other element included in their application. The Participants will bear full responsibility for the possible infringement of any third-party rights, exempting FUNDACIÓN REPSOL and collaborating organisations from any liability in this regard. Before participating in the initiative, Participants must therefore secure all image rights and authorisations required for processing the data of the persons involved and, where applicable, the usage of third-party rights.
  2. The information provided contains no confidential or secret information about the Participants and/or of third parties. 
  3. They are within their full legal capacity to act and take part in the initiative and that their participation does not infringe upon any rule or regulation.
  4. FUNDACIÓN REPSOL will not be held liable for any damage, losses, costs, expenses, claims, sanctions, or other, as a result of the presentation of the applications.


11. Data Protection. 

Participation in the Initiative is voluntary and requires the processing of the personal data provided by the applicants. Pursuant to the provisions of the applicable regulations with regard to personal data protection, processing will be done in accordance with the following points:


  • Data controller: FUNDACIÓN REPSOL with registered address at C/Acanto nº22, Planta 10, 28045 Madrid, Spain.
  • Data processed: All data provided by the applicants, as well as any data collected as a result of their participation in MTW. 
  • Purpose: Carrying out the processes necessary to carry out MTW, including contact therewith. 
  • Legitimate basis for processing: The performance of the application to participate in the 2019 MTW initiative, consent provided, and the legitimate interest is the legitimate basis of this processing.
  • Data recipients: Those required by law and the suppliers who provide services and act as data controllers as well as to FUNDACIÓN LEALTAD to the extent of its collaboration with FUNDACIÓN REPSOL in managing and developing the Initiative, receiving applications, and preselecting candidates.
  • Rights of the data subject: Access, rectification, objection, erasure, restriction of processing, portability, and withdrawal of consent. These rights may be exercised by informing the data controller at their domicile. Complaints may also be lodged with the supervisory authority at any time.
  • Duration of data use: While MTW takes place and, once over, until the statutes of limitations for all types of legal liability have passed.
  • Additional information: You can see more information about how data is processed in the Privacy Policy available at www.fundacionrepsol.com.


The applicant must inform anyone whose personal data applicant will be providing of the content of this clauses and applicant must have said parties’ prior consent to share any data with FUNDACIÓN REPSOL, which will be held harmless against any liability due to lack of knowledge or consent to have data processed by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL.


12. Liability waiver and reservation of rights

The Participants agree not to use any content for the initiative that is unlawful, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, slanderous, racist or otherwise contrary to morals or public order, publicity nor any content that may be offensive and/or harmful FUNDACIÓN REPSOL, as well as any natural or legal third-party persons, and/or may infringe upon or otherwise violate their rights. 

The Participants also agree not to insert any type of computer virus, corrupt files which could damage or adversely affect contents, programmes or information systems. 

In the event of non-compliance with these provisions, FUNDACIÓN REPSOL may immediately suspend their participation and, where applicable, remove the supposedly unlawful contents without giving rise to any type of claim in favour of the Participant. 

Similarly, FUNDACIÓN REPSOL reserves the right to withdraw, prevent the participation of, or even remove the prize awarded to any Participants who (i) misuse the means put at this disposal to participate in the initiative; (ii) impede its normal development; (iii) perform any actions that are fraudulent or harmful to other Participants, or that infringe upon the transparency of the initiative; or (iv) directly or indirectly benefit from this type of fraudulent action.

FUNDACIÓN REPSOL reserves the right not to award the Prize if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a Participant has infringed upon any of these terms and conditions. 

FUNDACIÓN REPSOL may take action as indicated in the previous paragraphs, at its own discretion or at the request of affected third parties. 

The above is without prejudice to the right of FUNDACIÓN REPSOL to pursue all civil or criminal proceedings that may be applicable. 

In the event that the "2019 More Than Words" initiative cannot be held, whether due to fraud, technical errors, or any other reason outside the control of FUNDACIÓN REPSOL, which negatively affects the normal development of the initiative: it reserves the right to cancel, alter, or suspend it, without being liable for any claims made by the Participants.

FUNDACIÓN REPSOL will not be liable for potential deficiencies, delays, or any other circumstance attributable to third parties that may negatively affect participation over the Internet, including potential deficiencies or failures in the telecommunication lines or the malfunction of the websites that may be involved in this initiative due to circumstances beyond FUNDACIÓN REPSOL's control. 

FUNDACIÓN REPSOL reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions, and even make them void at any moment before the initiative’s end date; provided that there is good cause, agreeing to give sufficient notice of the new terms and conditions for participation in the event, or of their definitive cancellation. FUNDACIÓN REPSOL reserves the right to make changes to the initiative, provided they do not negatively affect the Participants and that they are duly notified of those changes.


13. Disputes

This initiative is subject to current Spanish law. Any controversy or claim arising from, or related to the interpretation and/or applicability of these terms and conditions will be submitted to the Jury. No claims made by Participants will be admitted after fifteen (15) days from the announcement of the winning Projects. Any dispute arising in connection to this initiative will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.


14. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions were filed with notary public of Madrid Jaime Recarte Casanova and will be available to the public at the website https://www.masquepalabras.com.es. Agreement with these Terms and Conditions is required to participate in the "2019 More Than Words" initiative.

Participation in the "2019 More Than Words" initiative implies full agreement with these Terms and Conditions, and decisions made by the Organiser. Therefore, any expression of non-agreement by the participant will imply exclusion from the initiative.

Similarly, participation implies acceptance of FUNDACIÓN REPSOL's criteria for the resolution of any disputes that may arise from interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions will be available to anyone who wishes to read them at https://www.masquepalabras.com.es 


12. Appendices

Form for the submission of proposals posted at https://www.masquepalabras.com.es/es and https://www.repsol.pe/es/la-pampilla/index.cshtml




APPENDIX I Application


"2019 More Than Words" Project application 

Participant details

Company name (for distributors)

Company code (for distributors)

Tax ID (for distributors)

Full name of the contact person


Country where your work centre is located (for distributors)

Business unit for which you are working (for distributors)

Details of the organisation developing the Project 

Organisation developing the Project

Website of the organisation developing the Project

Incorporation date

Contact person/email

Legal structure (association, foundation, etc.)

General description of the organisation

General budget of the organisation

Project details

Project name

Project goals

Project description

Country of destination of the Project

Region, city or place of destination of the Project (RELAPASAA shareholders)

Target Audience

Number of direct and indirect beneficiaries

Description of the beneficiaries’ profile and their selection criteria

Project budget Explain what items the 10 000 euros prize will be spent on.

Relationship with the Project (include a brief description, explaining why you support the Project)

Optional Project information

An additional report may be attached with a maximum size of 15 MB, including additional Project information, detailed budget, previous Project history, photos, etc. 


[i] Fundación Lealtad is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote public trust in NGOs to secure an increase in donations, as well as any other type of collaboration. It was the first organisation to develop a methodology for analysing the transparency and best management practices of Spanish NGOs. Fundación Lealtad grants the Accredited NGO Stamp to the analysed organisations that comply with the 9 Principles of Transparency and Best Practices. This way, it provides private and institutional donors with independent, objective, and consistent information about the NGOs to help them decide which to collaborate with and guide them in the monitoring of their donations.


You are also hereby informed that the data collected from this form will be incorporated into a file, which is the responsibility of Fundación Repsol, in order to process said data in relation to the “2019 More Than Words” initiative, as well as to inform you of other related initiatives carried out by Fundación Repsol, including communications regarding said initiative, via any means, including electronically, to the contact data that you have provided, with the legitimate basis of this processing being the performance of the request to participate in the “2019 More Than Words” initiative and the consent provided by you by furnishing your contact information. The data will be held for the period of time of the initiative and subsequently, for the statue of limitations of all legal liability. Fundación Repsol will not disclose your personal data, except where required by law, although said data may be accessible to suppliers who provide services and act as data controllers as well as to FUNDACIÓN LEALTAD to the extent of its collaboration with Fundación Repsol in managing and developing the initiative, receiving applications and preselecting candidates. If at any time you wish to exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, erasure, restriction, portability, and to revoke consent, you may write to Fundación Repsol  Acanto, 22 planta 10 – 28045 Madrid (Spain) attaching a photocopy of your national identity card. You can find more privacy information at www.fundacionrepsol.com